Power Seed Cereal


This is a fast and easy breakfast I eat on the run before my morning classes. The chia seeds give the body sustained energy, and the hemp seeds are an excellent source of protein.

I make a mix of the following seeds ahead of time and store it in a jar in the fridge. I buy all the seeds from the bulk section which you can find at any WholeFoods or health food store. Basically, I add 1/4cup of the seed mix to Greek Yogurt or instant oatmeal and usually add nuts and berries to make it a full bowl. Its SO EASY AND GOOD.



Power Seed Mix:

2 Cups Chia Seeds
2 Cups Hemp Seeds
1 Cup Buckwheat Groats
1 Cup Ground Flax Seeds


You may notice that in the photo there is a second jar. The smaller ball jar pictured contains the flax seed. I grind the flax seeds in an old coffee grinder because the body can absorb more nutrition from the flax seeds when they are ground. The reason I keep them separate from the rest of the mix is that flax seeds will go rancid quickly once ground. Click here for more on storing and using seeds.


When I add the mix to oatmeal I usually add a little more water to the oatmeal, as chia seeds are hydrophilic and will absorb some of the water. You can use quick oats or traditional oatmeal, whatever method you prefer.

That is pretty much it! It is easy, delicious and a great start to your morning.